About the Book

What people are saying about the book

“Simple, elegant and accessible”

Awen Clement, Kindred Spirit Magazine, July/ Aug 2010:

“Davies makes her book engaging, useful and amusing… this is a great starting point to learn about acupuncture.”

An acupuncture colleague:

“I’ve just been reading your wonderful acupuncture book… it’s fantastic! I can’t tell you how great I think it is. The design, the layout, the typeface… the content is superb, not only the actual limericks, but all the writing, too. I had no idea you were doing so much in depth writing about acupuncture itself.
“I think in the acupuncture world this will be an absolute winner. I think students might enjoy it too.”

A newly qualified acupuncturist:

“I have purchased two copies of your book for my patients to read, as I feel that it will really help to give them a better understanding of what is going on with their treatment. When they’ve read it I think that a lot of the words that I use during acupuncture sessions will not sound alien to them and will actually make a lot more sense.

I wish I had read this before I started my acupuncture training. If I had I am sure I would have understood more of what I was taught from the beginning.”


“We got a copy of your charming book and we’ve both enjoyed reading it — a lot!

“It strikes us that it’s so clearly written, and so entertaining, that it’s a wonderful introduction to acupuncture for children as well as adults. Why don’t you get it into schools? As the best health text book they’ll ever have?

“We’re giving our copy to our daughter (aged 10) now to read, and we’re sure she’ll like it, as she LOVES poetry with rhythm and rhyme and yours rocks along. She also likes acupuncture…”

A patient:

“I love it. I didn’t realise it would explain so much about acupuncture and how treatment works. I started reading it as soon as I got it home and I read bits out to my partner, who was really interested. Normally he wouldn’t be interested in something like this. At last I can explain to him more about what happens during my treatment.”

A novice:

“This is a beautifully produced book—the illustrations alone are worth the price. But the heart of it is the text, of course—the cleverly composed limericks that explain Chinese acupuncture and its benefits so clearly and entertainingly. I think even someone who is at first uninterested in the subject would be intrigued at first glance and very soon drawn into a thorough enjoyment of these attractive pages. I’m so pleased to own an early copy. Made it safely across the Atlantic in its neat, sturdy packaging. The bookmark you’re including with every copy is just the icing on the cake!”

A German colleague (auf deutsch):

„Dieses Buch ist eine einzigartige Verbindung von Theorie aus der chinesischen Medizin und humorvollen Limericks. Das Lesen ist ein Vergnügen und man lernt auch als Therapeut noch etwas – nicht zuletzt, seinen Patienten besser und humorvoll erklären zu können, was es mit der chinesischen Medizin auf sich hat.

Es hat mich inspiriert und für meine Arbeit neu motiviert. Ich denke es ist gleichermaßen für Patienten und Therapeuten ein bereicherndes Buch !“


“This book is a unique combination of Chinese medical theory and humorous limericks. Reading it is a pleasure and even as a practitioner you can learn something – not least to explain better to your patients and with humour what Chinese medicine is about.

It has inspired me and given me new motivation in my work. I think this book is equally enriching for patients and practitioners!”

They love it!

Here’s what people have said about the book, pre-publication:

“Cornelia Davies is a committed acupuncturist and an expert limericist. Here she has created a marriage of these two arts that manages to be funny and educational at the same time. Before I read this book, I knew little or nothing about acupuncture. It’s been such fun learning, I would recommend this to any newcomer.”

Celia Warren, poet and author:

“I love this book. Cornelia has the audacity to use limericks to explain a serious subject. And do you know what? It works! I picked this up out of curiosity, started skimming it and within pages I was hooked. It’s a fantastic way to learn.”

About the author, Cornelia Davies,
BAc, CertAc (Beijing & Nanjing), MBAcC

I qualified in acupuncture in the UK in 1983. Throughout the last twenty-five years I have continually added skills to my practice. In 2006-7 I spent several months studying in Chinese hospitals and training colleges.

For more, please read my biography page.

The following are some comments from patients:

“The limericks were such fun that I just kept reading more, and they’re really interesting”
“You describe acupuncture really well. I thought it would be complicated, but I understand it the way you explain.”
“The one thing better than this book in the field of acupuncture is a treatment by its author. I can confirm that both will refresh the body and the spirit.”