Acupuncture Treatment

An acupuncturist makes a detailed diagnosis according to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. He or she then develops a treatment strategy in which a combination of points are stimulated with fine needles.

There may also be treatment involving moxibustion or cupping.

Acupuncture uses a sophisticated but commonsense understanding for both diagnosis and treatment.

What to expect during treatment

The initial diagnostic session takes one-and-a-half hours, though in an acute situation or if it is more appropriate, simple emergency treatments can be used. Subsequent treatments are normally scheduled for forty-five minutes.

You will only be asked to undress the amount that is needed to access the points used. Mostly the points used are on the lower legs and arms.

Only new single-use sterile needles are used.

Everything that happens or is said during the course of treatment is entirely confidential and will not be divulged without your expressed permission.

Before and after treatment

It’s better if you do not do heavy work, have a large meal or drink alcohol before or for a few hours afterward an acupuncture session. It’s good to have some light food before you come for treatment.

Many people feel relaxed or even sleepy after a treatment, and some people feel buoyant or energised. You may occasionally get temporary reactions from treatment, such as nausea, aches or a headache, as toxins are clearing from the body. This is a good thing, and you will almost certainly feel better afterwards, but if you do get a reaction, please let me know as soon as possible, because there may be something I can do to help.

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