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From a review by a leading alternative medicine magazine:

"Davies makes her book engaging, useful and amusing... this is a great starting point to learn about acupuncture.", Awen Clement, Kindred Spirit Magazine, July Aug 2010

 Acupuncture: The Limericks

By Cornelia Davies

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This book describes the many parts of the acupuncture process, with limericks in each chapter to make it more fun. It is not just a poetry collection. 

"Fantastic! Laugh as
you learn. Reading this
is a therapy in itself."

What's the book all about?

If you’ve ever wanted to find out the rudiments of acupuncture in an accessible way, this is the book for you. Not text-bookie, not boring, just fun and extraordinarily informative.

It's an introduction to the subject, as you have never read one before.




Did you know that acupuncturists look at your tongue to see how you are?

If the cause of the illness, you’re stalking,
Check the tongue for its signs, without balking.
Is it red or quite pale?
Every crack tells a tale:
Though this tongue remains silent, it’s talking.

… And there’s so much more. Acupuncture: The Limericks! tells you about the ancient Chinese principals of Yin and Yang, Qi (life energy), the meridians (or pathways of life energy), cupping, the five elements, acupuncture’s use in everyday health, facial treatment... It even tells you about the earliest needles, dated at around 7,000 BC and found in Mongolia… All this in a neat mixture of limericks and straightforward prose.

What people are saying about the book

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They love it!

Here’s what people have already said about the book:

“Cornelia Davies is a committed acupuncturist and an expert limericist. Here she has created a marriage of these two arts that manages to be funny and educational at the same time. Before I read this book, I knew little or nothing about acupuncture. It’s been such fun learning, I would recommend this to any newcomer.”

Celia Warren, poet and author  


“I love this book. Cornelia has the audacity to use limericks to explain a serious subject. And do you know what? It works! I picked this up out of curiosity, started skimming it and within pages I was hooked. It’s a fantastic way to learn.”

Diana Collins, art psychotherapist

About the author, Cornelia Davies
BAc, CertAc (Beijing & Nanjing), MBAcC

I qualified in acupuncture in the UK in 1983. Throughout the last twenty-five years I have continually added skills to my practice. In 2006-7 I spent several months studying in Chinese hospitals and training colleges. 

For more, please read my biography page.


The following are some comments from patients:

  • “The limericks were such fun that I just kept reading more, and they’re really interesting”
  • “You describe acupuncture really well. I thought it would be complicated, but I understand it the way you explain.”
  • "The one thing better than this book in the field of acupuncture is a treatment by its author. I can confirm that both will refresh the body and the spirit."

 Acupuncture: The Limericks
by Cornelia Davies

Price: Only £9.95 plus p&p

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